Partially at Fault for a Bike Accident

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If you are partially at fault for a bike accident, can you still receive compensation. For example, if you coasted through a stop sign and were then struck by a vehicle, are you able to recover damages for your injuries in New York State? Here is some helpful information.

Partially at Fault for a Bike Accident | Factors

If you’re here, chances are you were a bicyclist in New York and struck by a motor vehicle. A question that I often get is, “Do I still have a claim if maybe I did something wrong?” The answer is yes. It depends on what you did wrong. It depends on the other vehicle and what they did wrong. In New York, you have what’s called comparative negligence and we have to look at how much of it was your fault, versus the driver of the other vehicle, in determining the value of your case. The answer is, as a general, yes, you potentially do have a claim against the driver that struck you, but we do need to look at the extent of your culpability.

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Partially at Fault for a Bike Accident | Insurance Companies

If you’re here, chances are you were involved in an accident where you were a bicyclist struck by a motor vehicle in New York. The question I often get is, “Is it okay if I talk to the insurance company of the motor vehicle that struck me?” The answer is no.

What you want to do is retain competent council and let the attorney talk to the insurance company. The problem with you talking to the insurance company is that the insurance company may ask you some key questions that may make your case more difficult to prosecute down the road. The attorney will know what those key questions are and will make sure that you answer those questions properly, if it’s necessary for you to talk to the insurance company. You want to retain council as quickly as possible and have the attorney deal with the insurance company.

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