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In this video, our experienced New York personal injury lawyer discusses how seeing a doctor can help your accident claim.

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Should I see a doctor after my accident?


Have you suffered a serious injury from an accident in the state of New York? You may be wondering what doctor to see. Obviously, if it’s a serious, traumatic event, you want to go to the hospital and you want to get the treatment that you need there. Once you’re released from the hospital, you need to go to those doctors that specialize in the areas where you suffered your injury. If it’s a broken bone, you would need to see an orthopedic. If it’s a neurological problem, you need to see a neurologist.
An orthopedic or neurologist may refer you out for physical therapy. If it’s a broken leg, the doctor may make a determination after a certain period of healing and surgery that you need physical therapy and that you should go see a physical therapist for a period of time. What I will tell you is that whoever you go to see, make sure that you listen, take their advice and follow their directions. If they tell you to go to physical therapy, you should go to physical therapy because that’s what you need in order to get better.

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