Who could be responsible for a rollover accident?

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Auto accidents that involve commercial trucks are extremely dangerous. Due to the large size and density of a large rig, victims typically sustain devastating injuries that negatively impact their lives. When an auto collision involves at least one vehicle that tips, rolls, or flips on its side or roof it is referred to as a rollover accident. Accidents involving rollovers are among the most dangerous and serious auto collisions. Unfortunately, victims of rollover accidents rarely walk away unscathed as a vehicle may roll multiple times. Victims involved in this type of collision typically sustain catastrophic injuries that result in hefty medical expenses, lost wages, pain & suffering, and other significant losses. If you or someone you care about has been injured in a rollover accident due to the negligence of another party, contact a determined New York City Truck Accident Lawyer who can help you recover reasonable monetary compensation for your economic and non-economic damages. 

What is a rollover accident?

A rollover accident is an auto collision where one or more vehicles roll or flip on their side or roof. A rollover accident can happen to any type of vehicle, however, they are most common in trucks and SUVs. Rollover accidents have one of the highest fatality rates because a vehicle may roll or flip multiple times.

Who could be held accountable for this type of accident?

Depending on the circumstances of a rollover accident, several parties may be held responsible for damages including truck drivers, trucking companies, cargo loaders, and truck manufacturers. Unfortunately, rollover accidents happen as a result of negligence and driver error caused by inexperience. Truck drivers may act negligently which could result in a serious collision. There are certain federal regulations commercial trucks must adhere to such as how many consecutive hours they are allowed to drive. If a truck driver does not abide by the rules of the road meaning they were distracted driving, driving while intoxicated, or speeding they can be held responsible for a rollover accident. However, if another motorist on the road’s negligent actions cause a truck driver to swerve they can be found liable. Additionally, if a trucking company does not maintain a truck meaning they do not remedy certain issues or inspect the vehicle, they can be held responsible. Furthermore, if cargo loaders improperly load cargo onto a truck, it could cause the truck to have an imbalance in weight. This imbalance could cause them to lose control of the vehicle and tip over. They would be responsible because their negligent actions caused the rollover accident to occur. Moreover, truck manufacturers could be held legally accountable for a rollover accident if there was a design or manufacturing defect. If this type of accident was a result of defective parts it would be a product liability case. Several different parties may be held responsible for a rollover accident. It ultimately depends on the circumstances of the incident.

If you have been injured in a rollover accident as a result of another party’s negligent actions, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our trusted and dedicated team members. Our firm is committed to helping our clients seek appropriate financial compensation for their damages. Allow our firm to help you seek the justice you deserve.

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