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Unfortunately, auto accidents can happen for several reasons. However, if one takes a closer look at the causes of accidents, one may notice a common theme in the age of those responsible for them. If you have been injured in an auto accident due to the negligence of another person, reach out to one of our determined New York City Auto Accident Lawyer  who can help you recover appropriate compensation for your losses.

What age group has the highest rate of accidents?

The following parties have the highest rate of auto accidents:

New drivers

The age group that has the highest rate of auto accidents is teenage drivers between the ages of 16 and 18 years old. Essentially, this means that newly licensed drivers cause a significant amount of auto accidents due to their lack of experience on the road. Learning to drive takes time and practice. When a young driver first gets their license they may be overjoyed with this new sense of freedom and independence. However, this new sense of freedom and independence comes with a substantial amount of responsibility. It is imperative for young drivers to abide by the rules of the road to ensure safety for themselves and others on the road. Driving recklessly like speeding or looking at their phone while driving is incredibly dangerous and can cause serious accidents to occur. Additionally, new drivers may neglect their states’ passenger restrictions. Typically, novice drivers are only allowed one non-relative in their vehicle at a time. However, new drivers may neglect this rule which could increase the amount of distractions which could result in serious accidents and injuries. Nonetheless, new drivers must drive with caution as they lack experience.

Elder drivers

Alongside new drivers, older drivers have a high rate of causing auto accidents. Elderly adults between the ages of 70 and 80 are responsible for a high rate of accidents. Unfortunately, as we age, we start to have decreased abilities such as reduced vision, hearing, and motor skills. Elder drivers may develop certain medical conditions and take certain medications that may hinder their abilities to safely and properly operate a motor vehicle. With age, individuals typically experience decreased coordination, flexibility, and strength. Ultimately, this can cause an older driver to lose control of their vehicle or have delayed reaction times. Additionally, older drivers may develop cognitive disorders which make it hard for them to concentrate or think clearly. On the road, this can be incredibly dangerous as an older driver may forget where they are going or wind up lost. Unfortunately, if an older driver is experiencing decreased abilities it may be time for them to hang up their keys once and for all to prevent accidents.

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