Testifying Against the Church

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Will I have to testify against the Church?


Have you or someone you love been a victim of sexual abuse at the hand of a priest or clergy? You may be wondering if you will have to testify. It’s a hard answer at this time. It’s fairly new with what’s happening in regards to victims coming forward and filing claims against the church. It may be a scenario where you’ll just have to show that you were in a place where you were with someone – either a clergy, a priest, or someone else who’s connected with the church – and you were abused, and they may want to sit down and resolve the matter. On the other hand, it may be a situation where testimony will be required.
Testimony can mean more than one thing, and it may not mean that you’ll have to go up in front of the judge and jury and answer these very difficult questions about what happened to you. It could be a situation where you’re testifying in what’s called a deposition, or what we call in New York, an examination before trial. We’ll sit in a conference room with your attorney there to protect you, to answer these very difficult questions about what happened to you. My suggestion is that you get on the phone with an attorney and sit down to discuss all of these issues and let the attorney do the rest.

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