School Bus Injury Cases

Was your child injured on a school bus? Watch this video to learn about school bus injury cases and how our New York accident attorney can help.

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Can I file a claim if my child was injured on a school bus?


If you’re here, there’s a good chance that you have a son, a daughter, a grandson or granddaughter who was on a bus, on their way to school and it was involved in an accident. Assuming we’re talking about a school bus, the question often comes up, do I have a case against the school? The answer is potentially, yes, you do. You also have a case against the bus company because typically what happens is the school will enter into a contract, or the municipality will enter into a contract, with a bus company to ensure the safe transportation of students to the school. Now, there are some claim issues you have to be aware of. If it’s a municipality, you have to file what’s called a notice of claim. Typically that has to be done within 90 days, but it really depends on the municipality. It’s very important that you hire competent council who can guide you through that process and make sure that the notice of claim, and whatever other documents that have to be filed, are filed timely.

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