Lost Wage Reimbursement

Seriously injured in a car accident? Watch this video to learn about lost wage reimbursement and how you can be compensated for lost time at work.

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Will I be reimbursed for my lost wages after a car accident?


Clients in New York often ask me, “How do I pursue my loss wage claim?” I haven’t been able to work for the last three months and I want to get reimbursed. Through the insurance company of the vehicle that you were in at the time of the accident under the no-fault provision of the policy, you can get coverage. What does it require?Lost Wage ReimbursementFirst, you need to get disability notes from your doctor stating that you were unable to work. You’ll need to get from your employer what’s called a wage verification document where the employer will show both your attendance or lack of attendance and what your earnings were. Through that process, and through your attorney guiding you through the process, you’ll get your loss wages for the period that you were unable to work.

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