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Will my case go to trial?


If you’re here, chances are you were in a serious bodily injury accident in the state of New York and you’re wondering if your case will go to trial. That really depends on your case. Some cases need to at least get to the point where you’re ready to go to trial in order to resolve. Sometimes you have to put that kind of pressure on the insurance carrier in order to get the most you can possibly get. Very few cases actually go through a trial to a verdict.
Sometimes you have to go to trial in order to get the money that’s necessary, but sometimes you don’t. More often than not, these cases will resolve prior to going to trial. It might happen after selection of a jury. It might happen right after opening statements. Chances are you won’t have to go through a full-fledged trial, but again, depending on a case, to get the most in compensation, sometimes we have no choice but to get to that point.

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