Bus Accident Injury Claims

Were you injured while riding the bus in New York City? Watch this video to learn about bus accident injury claims and how to protect your rights.

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What are the differences between bus accidents and car accidents?


If you’re here, you want to know how bus accident claims are different from auto accident claims, and they’re a completely different animal; they’re very different. One of the issues that comes up is if it was a bus owned by the municipality. Was it a New York City transit? Is it a private bus company? That’s important because if it’s a city bus, there are certain requirements that we need to follow. If it’s a transit authority bus, or a city bus, we need to file what’s called a notice of claim and we have to do that within 90 days. You don’t have to deal with that if it’s a private operator of a car.Bus Accident Injury ClaimsOther issues that come up is that you’re dealing with corporations, or corporate entities very often. You may have the owner of the bus, and then you have a different company that’s running the bus service, so you have different entities; that’s also a distinction that needs to be made when comparing it to an auto accident where you’re dealing with just a private car owner.

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