What spring season safety hazards should I be aware of?

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As the snow finally melts after a cold winter, people are often eager to go outdoors and enjoy the long-awaited sunshine. However, it is imperative to note that emergency rooms tend to be busier during the warmer months due to common springtime safety hazards. Keep reading to learn about the most common spring season safety hazards and discover how our dedicated New York City Personal Injury Attorney can help you navigate your legal options. 

What are some of the most common spring season safety hazards?

As the weather warms up, homeowners typically attend to their front yards by using lawnmowers and gardening tools which can both be dangerous if not used safely. Many homeowners neglect to check their yard for hidden objects in the grass that may have been covered by snow which can cause the loose object to ricochet off the blades. This can cause dangerous projectiles that strike the body or eye resulting in serious injuries. While tending to their lawn or garden, homeowners should wear protective eyewear and perform routine maintenance to prevent tragic accidents.

Moreover, as April showers roll in, it is imperative to take extra precautions while behind the wheel as heavy precipitation brings dangerous road conditions. Motorists must be prepared for wet weather as slippery springtime conditions increase the chances of hydroplaning. If motorists drive too fast during inclement weather conditions, they risk skidding atop the water and losing complete control of their vehicle which can result in devastating accidents and injuries. To avoid hydroplaning, motorists should drive at slow speeds. Additionally, motorists must be aware of sun glare. After daylight savings, it can be difficult to determine when and where the glare from the sun will take place. This often leaves motorists unprepared which causes them to experience temporary blindness while behind the wheel. Blindness from sun glare can last for a couple of seconds which can cause motorists to have insufficient time to react to roadway hazards. To prevent auto accidents due to sun glare, motorists must protect their eyes by wearing sunglasses.

Furthermore, those that choose to walk, run, or ride a bicycle as their mode of transportation should be cautious of road conditions from wet weather as there is an increase in slip and fall accidents during the springtime. Following a rain storm, pedestrians and cyclists should refrain from running, walking, or riding to prevent slips and falls. It is also pertinent to note that plows used during the winter season can create poor road conditions that homeowners, motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists should be aware of. Plows can do significant damage to the surface and can cause potholes to grow in size. If volatile surfaces from plows are not remedied it can result in serious falls and accidents. It is critical to know common safety hazards so you can use good judgment to prevent potential spring injuries.

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