What autumn driving hazards should I be aware of in New York?

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During the autumn season, drivers must remain attentive while behind the wheel. Many drivers tend to relax their guard during seasonal transitions, assuming that snow and ice are the only driving hazards they need to worry about. However, autumn comes with potential risks, including school children, inexperienced student drivers, heavy rain, foggy weather, and leaves on the road. Therefore, drivers must remain vigilant and allow extra time to ensure they are prepared for unexpected hazards to prevent accidents and injuries. If you or someone you love has been injured due to another driver’s negligence, contact a trusted New York City Car Accident Lawyer who will help you fight for maximum compensation. Please continue reading to learn about the most common autumn driving hazards drivers must watch out for to keep safe during this time. 

What are the most common autumn driving hazards in New York?

As the summer ends, school is back in session. Students returning to school means that there will be an increase in traffic. It is likely that while navigating school zones, you will encounter numerous crosswalks and frequent bus stops. Be aware of bus safety and school drop-off procedures to mitigate the risks of accidents. Drivers must stay alert as school children may dart onto the road unexpectedly. In addition to school children crossing the street and bus stops, drivers must be wary of new, inexperienced student drivers. With more student drivers navigating school zones, the risk of collision increases. They are more likely to underestimate or fail to recognize potentially dangerous situations when encountering roadway hazards.

The autumn’s unpredictable weather changes can be a severe concern for drivers, especially those new to driving. Unfortunately, a bright sunny day can quickly turn into a rainy one within minutes, making it crucial for drivers to check their weather forecast. By doing so, they can prepare themselves to adapt to any weather conditions they may face while behind the wheel.

What weather conditions should drivers prepare for during this time of the year?

During this time of the year, drivers often encounter chilly mornings accompanied by fog. This can severely impact their visibility on the road. To prevent accidents, drivers must use their high beams to ensure their visibility is not compromised and maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of them. In addition to fog, drivers should expect to encounter heavy downpours. Regardless of the season, drivers must drive cautiously in wet conditions.

Wet leaves and standing water can increase the risk of hydroplaning. Leaves are one of the most common autumn driving hazards as they can contribute to making a road slippery. They can also accumulate on the roadway, hiding potential hazards such as uneven surfaces and potholes. If a driver unexpectedly encounters these road hazards, it can cause them to lose control of their vehicle if they are not paying attention.

If you’ve been injured in an accident due to an inexperienced driver or someone who neglected to adapt their driving to prepare for autumn driving hazards, contact our trusted lawyers from the Law Offices of Brian J. Elbaum, who can help you fight to obtain the just compensation you deserve for the damages you’ve incurred.

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