Understanding the One Bite Rule

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If you have been recently injured from a dog bite, you may have questions about how to receive compensation. Understanding the one bite rule in New York State is a very important part of making a dog bite injury claim. Our New York dog bite lawyer discusses understanding the one bite rule and hiring a dog bite attorney.

Understanding the One Bite Rule | What is the One Bite Rule?

There are certain complications that you must be aware of when dealing, in particular, with New York dog bite claims. There is something called the “One Bite Rule” that may have a significant impact on your ability to bring a claim. In New York, a dog essentially gets one bite that does not have consequences for their owner. If they were to do it again, then there would be recourse. It can seem very discouraging if you think you fall under the limitations of this rule, but it is not the end of your rope.

This rule exists to protect dogs who have never attacked and have never shown a propensity to be violent in the past. You may still have a case if you can prove that the owner of the dog knew they had an inclination to be vicious.

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Understanding the One Bite Rule | How a Dog Bite Lawyer Can Help

An experienced New York dog bite lawyer will be able to uncover any past instances and gather pertinent information. They will talk to anyone who might know anything about this dog including mailmen, delivery personnel, and neighbors. They will be able to determine the behavior of this dog and if there was any indication that it might be vicious.  That “BEWARE OF DOG” sign may even be to your benefit. It could prove that the owner knew the dog could attack. If you can prove these things, and you can prove the negligence of the dog owner, you may absolutely be able to bring a claim.

If you have any questions about understanding the one bite rule, please contact our experienced New York dog bite lawyer today to schedule a free consultation.

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