Slip and Fall Recovery for Senior Citizens

Do you have questions about slip and fall recovery for senior citizens in New York? Watch this video and then call our attorney for guidance.


Older people tend to fall down more than healthy adults, is it harder for them to recover for a slip and fall injury?


Slip and Fall Recovery for Senior Citizens We had the daughter of a senior call the other day to tell us that her father was walking on the street and was caused to trip and fall. She said he normally uses a cane to walk, but on this particular occasion he did not have his cane. The defect was pretty clear— there was definitely a defect in looking at the photographs. The question is, with him not having that cane when he should be using a cane for balance, will that affect his case? Certainly, the adjacent property owner, who was responsible for that sidewalk, is going to make those arguments.

The real question was, “Is it harder for a senior, an elderly person, to make a claim?” They already have other issues that may have somehow contributed to the happening of the accident, or they may have a condition that may have already existed prior to the accident, so, while there may have been an injury, arguably much of the injury was a preexisting injury.

These issues do come up, and they certainly come up more so when dealing with seniors. The best advice is to have an attorney look at your case. Contact us. We will do what we can to prosecute the claim against whomever was responsible, mindful of the fact that we’re dealing with a senior, that there could very well be prior conditions that were aggravated by the accident and that there may be mitigating circumstances when the accident occurred.

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