Should I Give a Recorded Statement After a Bus Accident?

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Are you wondering if you should give a recorded statement to an insurance company after a bus accident? If you are considering doing so, we strongly advise that you consult with an attorney first. Speaking to an insurance adjuster will do more harm than good. Read the rest of this article to learn why it is in your best interests to refrain from giving a statement.

Should I Give a Recorded Statement After a Bus Accident? | Avoid Insurance Companies

You may feel compelled to contact your own insurer to inquire about medical benefits or for vehicle repairs and you may hear from the bus operator’s insurance company. In both cases, we recommend that you seek legal counsel prior to talking with insurers. Insurance companies, even your own, care much more about the bottom line than your safety or financial concerns. They’re notorious for fighting, denying, or ignoring claims. Your lawyer will protect you from aggressive behavior and fight rigorously for the compensation that you deserve.

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Should I Give a Recorded Statement After a Bus Accident? | Let Your Attorney Represent You

If you have been involved in a bus accident, it’s important to contact a personal injury attorney with experience in this type of case. Your lawyer will help you manage the entire process and will thoroughly investigate your accident to determine who was at fault. When you hire an attorney, your lawyer will help:

  • Investigate your accident and collect evidence
  • Investigate the bus company and their safety record
  • File claims on your behalf
  • File lawsuits on your behalf, if you choose to
  • Reconstruct the accident with expert help

Similarly, a qualified attorney helps protect you against the bus company. Bus operators in New York are protected by aggressive legal departments and insurance companies. They do not care about your safety; they’re focused on the bottom line. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for victims to have claims ignored or denied. A lawyer helps you recover the maximum compensation quickly and protects you against bullying behavior.

If you are seeking a New York bus accident lawyer with extensive experience, contact our office. We will provide you with a free, no-obligation review and determine if you have a case.

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