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If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, you know how traumatic it can be. After the accident, you may not have even been conscious but if you were, those moments must have been absolutely horrifying. We understand that coming back from an accident like that can be hard. You may be in immense pain, suffering from anxiety related to the collision, and now you have these medical bills that you don’t know what you’re going to do about. Here is some important information about recovering motorcycle accident compensation.

Recovering Motorcycle Accident Compensation | No Fault Insurance

Unlike other motor vehicle accidents in New York, you are not covered under “No Fault” insurance for your injuries. This means that you are not entitled to have your medical bills or lost wages covered automatically regardless of fault. If you want compensation, you will have to bring a claim. This is a significant fact because it may make recovering financially harder. Do not panic. This is not the end of your line. Your attorney can help you deal with filing a claim so that you can see the compensation you deserve.

Recovering Motorcycle Accident Compensation | Steps After an Accident

In order to file a claim, you have to prove negligence. This can be challenging but it’s not impossible. Hopefully you took the proper steps following the accident that will help you when you go to file. Immediately after an accident, you should:

  • Call 911 and get the police on the scene to make an accident report
  • Seek medical assistance either immediately if you’re seriously hurt or later on
  • Take photos and videos of the crash scene for evidence later on
  • Get the contact information from any witnesses
  • Swap insurance and contact information with the other driver involved in the crash
  • Contact a New York motorcycle accident lawyer

This are essential steps to ensure that your claim is successful. They are all important and necessary steps, but the two that you absolutely have to do in order to get compensation are seeking medical care, and calling an attorney.

If you don’t get your injuries checked out, even if it’s a visit to urgent care, there is no record that you were hurt. It will be very difficult then to prove that your injuries are related to the accident. You should not wait until you can’t turn your head or you can’t get out of bed to seek help. Injuries after an accident may take a day or even a week to turn up, but that does not mean it is wise to ignore them. Your recoverable damages come from determining the extent of your injuries and without record of them, you may have a hard time getting compensation.

If you need a dedicated New York motorcycle accident lawyer to help you through your motorcycle accident claim, please call our office today to get a free consultation with Brian Elbaum. You will be in good hands.

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