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How long does it take to settle a personal injury case in New York?


Personal Injury Settlement Timeline A client asked a question the other day to which there’s no easy answer: How long does it take to settle a personal injury case? There are many issues that we need to consider. One of the most significant issues is the injury itself, the extent of the injury, how long that injury takes to heal. Some injuries are very, very bad and may take up to a year, if not longer, to heal. We want to know if the injury is permanent in nature, and we’re not going to know that until after the healing process. Another factor we need to consider is the fact pattern, or what happened. Is it a case where it’s clear that the defendant caused the accident, or are there some issues? Do they have some defenses? These two factors alone are very important factors to consider.

Is it a case that will require litigation? If it’s a case that requires litigation, meaning that we can’t work out what would be fair and equitable to the client in terms of value and in terms of what we believe the value to be, then we’re going to file a lawsuit and take that case as far as we have to in order to make sure that we our client the most that we can get in compensation.

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