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Thanks to over twenty years of experience, our Bronx personal injury lawyer has what it takes to fight for the compensation you deserve and need after you have been wrongfully injured due to another party’s negligence. If you would like more information on the personal injury claims process in New York and the ways in which our legal team can help you, please contact The Law Offices of Brian J. Elbaum today.

Personal Injury Lawyer | Helping Accident Victims in the Bronx

By collecting and presenting your medical records, police reports of the accidents, statements from witnesses, photos, videos and other evidence, our Bronx personal injury lawyer will help hold all negligent parties – be they individuals, corporations or municipalities – accountable for the harm they inflicted upon you. You have three years, starting from the date of the accident, to file a personal injury claim, but those at The Law Offices of Brian J. Elbaum know that you shouldn’t wait.

The Personal Injury Services We Provide

More than twice as large as the United States’ second-largest city and more populous than thirty-nine states, New York hosts more than its fair share of negligence, resulting in tens of thousands of personal injuries in any given year. Our Bronx personal injury lawyer has decades of experience handling cases involving:

Will Your Case Go to Court?

Only five percent of personal injury claims ever make it past the pre-trial stages. The other ninety-five percent are settled before court proceedings begin, with all involved parties meeting before a judicial officer, trial judge or a magistrate.

Even if your case should make it past the pre-trial stages, The Law Offices of Brian J. Elbaum will be amply prepared to argue your case before a judge and jury. A dogged lawyer from our legal team will do his or her utmost to minimize your discomfort while dialing up the pressure on the defendants. Dedicated to meeting your needs, our legal team will fight for the compensation you deserve.

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