Mistakes to Avoid After a Personal Injury

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What common mistakes should a personal injury victim avoid in New York?


Mistakes to Avoid After a Personal Injury What are the common mistakes that a personal injury victim would want to avoid? One mistake is not seeking medical attention right after the accident occurs. You should always go see that doctor. Go to the hospital. Go to the emergency room. Get yourself checked out.

Another mistake is not staying for the police, not waiting for the police to arrive at the scene, if it’s a car accident especially. You have an obligation to wait. We have had so many clients call me who were in pretty bad accidents but, for whatever reason, they didn’t wait for the police to arrive and left the scene. They may have gotten information on the other driver, but they didn’t have the police there to document what happened.

Another mistake that victims often make is they don’t take the time to take photographs of the scene— when they’re able to do it, that is. An injured victim is not always in a position to take photographs at the accident, but, certainly, if you can do it, you want to do it and you want to do it as quickly as possible. The most important thing that you should do is call an attorney before speaking with the insurance company. You always want to get the advice of counsel before you get on the phone with an insurance carrier.

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