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If you are confronted with a complicated legal issue that is more than you can handle, such as a construction Injury, personal Injury or an accident then you should consider finding and hiring a professional and experienced lawyer to assist you. A lawyer can represent you as a legal advocate to understand your case, inform you with legal alternatives and recommend an appropriate approach to resolve your issue. Here are some qualities to look for when finding a reliable, professional attorney-in-law for your construction Injury, personal Injury or accident:

  1. Trustworthy- Make sure that you feel confident that the lawyer you plan on hiring is honest. It is important to feel comfortable and secure when partnering with a lawyer. The lawyer you choose should provide you with sensible advice, any potential risks involved and costs keeping in mind your specific case study, goals and budget.
  2. Communicative- It is essential that your potential lawyer communicates openly to you and is available to answer your questions and to not only listen to any concerns you may have, but also respond to them. The laws and legislation may be overwhelming and confusing for you and therefore, your lawyer should be able to explain the legality of your case and be able to answer any questions you may have. He should also be able to explain everything related to your case in words that you comprehend. There are many laws and regulations in the field of law as well as a variety of legal terms that you may not be aware of and understand, so communication is the key.
  3. Care and Attention- It is important that he or she expresses interest in you and your case and provides the amount of attention and detail that you deserve. You want to feel that he cares about you and is focusing on the way he can best serve you to produce satisfying results.
  4. Experience – It is vital that your potential lawyer is experienced within the law profession and will be able to provide the services that you are looking for. Furthermore, it is important for him to establish good judgement skills to obtain reasonable, logical conclusions.
  5. People-person- Does he have people skills? This is crucial as lawyers work with people and therefore, he should be personable and understand a person´s character and way of thinking. He should also be persuasive.
  6. Prepared – Another important trait is preparation. Your lawyer should be ready to handle your case and the challenges associated with it. This includes making phonce calls to you to keep you informed as well as the opposing counsel and anyone else relevant to your case, and communicating with the court.
  7. Ethical – Does your lawyer follow a set of ethical rules? A lawyer with ethics demonstrates high-quality conduct and moral characteristics. These ethic rules include being loyal when representing you and your interests, working within the legal laws, and performing his duties as a competent attorney.

You should also keep in mind certain expectations from your lawyer when hired to manage your case study and to be confident that he fulfills these expectations throughout the case. The following is what you should anticipate from your lawyer in order to have a successful experience:

  • Provide legal advice in regards to your case.
  • Provide the necessary information you need to know to make good decisions as well as to allow you to make the important decisions.
  • Constantly keep you up-to-date about your case including any changes that may occur.
  • Let you know what he thinks will happen in your case and provide options.
  • Give you an estimate of costs and fees related to your case before starting on your case.
  • Prepare you for your case in court hearings.

Even though you have certain expectations from your lawyer as his role is to represent you and your case and to help you achieve results in your favor, you have to remember that this is your case study and there are certain expectations that you need to fulfill too. Afterall, you are hiring a lawyer to not only represent you but to work with you and therefore, this also requires cooperation, communication and honesty from you.

The following are expectations that you need to pursue:

  • Comply with the agreement that you and your lawyer make.
  • Collect and provide all useful information and evidence that is relevant to your case.
  • Provide open and clear communication with your lawyer including any new information or evidence that may occur that is relevant to your case.
  • Respond to your lawyer within a reasonable amount of time when requested.
  • Be honest with him as you expect him to be honest with you.
  • Keep the relationship between you and your lawyer as only a business relationship.
  • Remember that you are probably not the only client your lawyer has, he also has to attend to other clients and case studies. So, be patient and understanding.

By keeping these qualities in mind and carrying out these expectations, you will not only be able to select the right lawyer that will serve you best, but also have a pleasant business relationship with your lawyer and find a just solution for your case.

The Law Offices of Brian J. Elbaum have a team of highly-qualified, professional lawyers who will handle your construction Injurypersonal Injury or accident case demonstrating these qualities and expectations. Contact us if you have any questions.

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