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If you have recently been injured in New York due to someone else’s negligence — whether that be a construction, automobile, or pedestrian accident — you may be wondering if it is beneficial to hire a personal injury lawyer. Here is some important information about hiring a personal injury lawyer and how doing so can be extremely helpful.

Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer | Benefits

A huge reason to hire an attorney right away is that memories and evidence tend to fade away over time. Prompt investigation of the facts by the attorney helps to ensure the protection of evidence that will be crucial to your case. It is very important to hire an attorney as soon as possible. In most New York personal injury cases, you must sue against the defendant who caused the accident within 3 years from the date of injury. This 3-year period is called the “statute of limitations.” If you fail to sue your case within the 3-year period, your case will be thrown out and you will be unable to obtain either a fair settlement, or award at trial.

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Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer | What to Look For

When interviewing possible attorneys to represent you, always ask whether the initial consultation will be free or “complimentary.” Be sure to ask friends, business contacts, and family for referrals to attorneys who have strong trial experience in your particular type of case. Do not hire an attorney who is merely a general practitioner. You need a specialist to get the results you want. When you interview a potential New York personal injury lawyer, be sure to ask whether you will be regularly dealing with them directly, or their junior associate, paralegal, or nurse.

Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer | Insurance Settlements

If you are contacted by a representative of the defendant’s insurance company, do not respond. The insurance company is not on your side. They represent the defendant that you may be suing. After you hire your attorney, ask your attorney to respond to the insurance company on your behalf.

If the insurance company makes an early settlement offer to you, you should understand that the offer will be low and nowhere near the amount you could possibly receive through settlement or trial. Accepting an early settlement offer will prevent you from proceeding with your lawsuit against the defendant that the insurance company represents. Insurance companies usually make higher offers once the case approaches its trial date. If you need another surgery or treatment down the road, but you have taken an early settlement offer, you cannot go back in time and get more compensation. It’s important to wait until we understand the full extent of your injuries.

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