Hazardous Road Motorcycle Accident in New York

Were you involved in a hazardous road motorcycle accident in New York? Find out who’s responsible for your injuries if you hit a pothole, or other hazard while riding.

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Can I file a motorcycle accident claim if I’m injured by a pothole or hazardous road?


The other day I got a call from a client who was on his motorcycle in the parking lot of a supermarket in New York and there were potholes all over the parking lot. Unfortunately, the front wheel of his bike landed in a pothole and it caused him to lose control and fall, and he suffered a significant leg injury. He asked me, “Can I go after the owner of the parking lot?” The answer is yes.Hazardous Road Motorcycle AccidentWe need to find out who the owner of the parking lot is. We need to find out who maintains the parking lot. There may be more than one party involved. It may be that the owner of the parking lot has a contract with the company that’s hired to maintain the parking lot, or a contract with a company that is hired to manage the entire premises, inside and outside. The answer to if you have a claim is yes.

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