Construction Accident Claim Value

Were you injured on a job site? Watch this video to learn about construction accident claim value and how much you may be able to recover for your injuries.

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How can I determine the value of my construction accident claim?


People that were involved in a construction accident always want to know what their case is worth. It’s not an easy answer. In fact, it can be very complicated. On the one hand, you need to look at liability. Who is at fault for the accident? We need to know that we can go after a party and they have the deep pockets to cover the injury. Second, we need to know the extent of the injury.Construction Accident Claim ValueOften, clients will come to me at a time where they’re beginning the process of treatment and beginning they’re recovery process. It may take a long time before we know what the end result of the injury is. Is it something that’s going to be permanent and lasting? That has value and that needs to be calculated into the equation and negotiations when dealing with the other side, in terms of coming up with a fair resolution. The end goal is to try to get the highest possible recovery for the client, and that, as I said, can take time to determine.

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