Choosing a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Learn about what’s important to know when choosing a pedestrian accident lawyer to represent you in your claim in this video. Then, call our lawyer today.

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How do I choose the best attorney for my pedestrian accident claim?


If you’re here, chances are you were involved in a motor vehicle accident where you were struck by a motor vehicle as a pedestrian in New York. You’re probably here because you want to know what you should look for in an attorney to represent you. First, you want an attorney who has experience in handling what we call pedestrian knock-down type cases. You want an attorney who knows how to litigate these cases in court. You don’t want your friend of a friend of a friend who refers you to an attorney who does divorce work or estate planning. You want an attorney that handles this type of case. Number one, you want to meet with that attorney. You want to ask questions of that attorney. You want to find out how many types of pedestrian knock-down cases that attorney has had over the years. You want to find out whether or not you feel comfortable with that attorney; that’s very important. I believe that the relationship between the attorney and client is like a marriage, because you’re going to be working together as partners through a process that could take quite a long time. Litigation requires depositions and potentially a trial, and you want to make sure you feel comfortable with that lawyer.

Finally, you want to look at the firm itself. Is it a very large firm? Is it a smaller firm? You want to make sure that you’ll have access to the attorney and not just the paralegals or a legal assistant that may be assigned to your case. You want to know that you have access to that attorney as well.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured while walking and have questions about choosing a pedestrian accident lawyer? Contact a New York pedestrian accident lawyer at The Law Offices of Brian J. Elbaum today for a free confidential consultation and case evaluation. Let our experience work for you.

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