Car Accident Case in New York

Injured in an auto accident and have questions about how a car accident case in New York works? Watch this video to learn more, and call today for a free consultation.

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What steps do I take if I’m injured in a car accident?


Clients often ask me, “What steps do I take if I’m injured in an accident?” The first step I think is to find an attorney that handles personal injury car accident litigation in New York. That would be the first step. Second step is you want to make sure that you’re seeking the medical attention that you need.

In New York, you have to prove that your injury is serious enough to justify compensation. If you’ve suffered an injury and you’re experiencing pain in your neck, your back, wherever the case may be, or your knee, or you broke your arm, your leg, you need to seek medical attention. You need to follow your doctor’s advice and do exactly what it is that they want you to do to help you get better; that’s very important.

Did you or a loved one suffer a serious injury in a crash and have questions about a car accident case in New York? Contact a New York car accident lawyer at The Law Offices of Brian J. Elbaum today for a free confidential consultation and case evaluation. Let our experience work for you.

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