Are truck driver’s the only liable party in an 18-wheeler truck accident?

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18-wheeler truck accident

One of the most common and dangerous traffic collisions involves an 18-wheeler truck. Truck accidents typically result in serious injury. Victims suffer significant injuries due to the mere size and density of a truck. An 18-wheeler truck accident can leave victims with catastrophic and life-changing injuries. If you or someone you care about has been injured due to someone else’s negligence, reach out to an experienced New York City Truck Accident Lawyer who can help you recover damages during this difficult time.

Who can be held accountable for damages after an 18-wheeler truck accident?

When an 18-wheeler truck accident occurs there numerous potentially responsible parties which may include:

Truck drivers

One of the main causes of truck accidents is driver error. Trucker drivers have a responsibility to uphold the rules of the road. This means following any rules or regulations that are set forth by the law. Truck drivers are driving enormous rigs with up to 80,000 lbs of cargo.  This means they must use the proper techniques to operate a truck of this caliber. Truck drivers can be held liable for any damages if they were:

  • drunk driving
  • distracted driving
  • speeding
  • driving recklessly
  • driving past the legal amount of consecutive hours
    • It is illegal for truck drivers to log more than 60 hours over 7 consecutive days or 70 hours over 8 consecutive days per federal regulation
  • ignoring traffic signals
  • failed to adjust to weather conditions
  • failed to leave enough space between themselves and another vehicle
  • driving without the proper license

In most cases, truck drivers are typically liable for any damages. However other parties’ negligence may have contributed to the cause of the collision.

Trucking Companies

Trucking companies may also be held liable as they may have failed to properly train their truck driver or failed to inspect or maintain the truck to a quality standard. If they pushed the truck driver to reach a deadline causing them to break federal regulations regarding the allotted consecutive hours a truck driver can drive, they may be found negligent.

Truck Owners

In certain cases, trucking companies lease trucks. The rightful owner of the truck may be held liable if they failed to properly inspect or maintain the truck they may be held liable for any damages.

Cargo loaders

In certain situations, cargo loaders may be held liable for damages for improperly packing cargo onto a truck. If they improperly tie down or pack too much cargo, it can cause the truck to be imbalanced resulting in a collision.


Manufacturers can also be held liable for damages if there is a faulty or defective mechanical part that causes the collision. For instance, if there is a faulty break that they failed to remedy, they can be held liable for damages alongside any other negligent parties.

As mentioned above, several parties may be held liable for any damages victims suffer as a result of a collision. If you or a loved one has been injured due to someone else’s negligence, our team of skilled lawyers can help you seek justice. You can rely on our dedicated team to guide you and help you recover reasonable damages for your injuries.


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