3 Questions About Truck Accident Cases

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If you have been involved in a commercial vehicle crash, you may have a few questions about truck accident compensation. Here are 3 questions about truck accident cases we receive from clients on a regular basis.

3 Questions About Truck Accident Cases | How Much Is My Case Worth?

It’s not an easy answer. What is the extent of the injury? How early on is it in regards to the injury?

It takes a while for people to recover from an injury. We need to know what the residuals are from that injury. We need to know whether the injury is permanent or not. Those are important factors that go into play.

Other factors that go into play is liability. Whose fault is it? Who caused the accident? There may be a dispute as to whether it was the other guy that caused the accident, but quite frankly, they could be pointing the finger at you and saying you caused the accident. Those often have to be ironed out in court. That will also go into determining the value of the case.

Should I Take a Settlement Offer?

People often ask me if they should take an offer directly from the trucking company early on after the accident occurred. I had a client call me the other day who told me that there was an offer made and wanted to know If she should accept the offer.

I asked her about the accident, how the accident happened. I asked her about her injuries. She had some significant injuries. The answer that I gave her was, “No, come to my office. Let’s sit down and go through this case. Let’s file a claim against the trucking company and the insurance carrier for the trucking company.”

You need to have competent counsel represent you and guide you through this process. Competent counsel will get you the compensation that you’re entitled to. What often happens is that the insurance company will try to get you to take an offer very early on before you’ve had a chance to speak with competent counsel to close out that case. What people need to be aware of or what you should understand is that if you accept an offer, you’re going to be required to sign releases. Then you’ll never have an opportunity to have an attorney go after the trucking company down the road.

How Do I Choose the Right Truck Accident Attorney?

If you were involved in a truck accident in New York, you need to seek competent counsel. People often ask me, “What should I look for in an attorney?” The one thing you want to know is that attorney has experience in personal injury litigation; that’s very important. An attorney that does divorce work is not going to be of use to you. An attorney who does estate work is not going to be of use to you. You want an attorney whose focus of their practice is personal injury litigation.

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