What Photos Should I Take After a Car Accident in New York?

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If you have sustained injuries in a car accident in New York, you may wonder what sorts of photos you should take, assuming you have the ability to. For more insight on the types of photos you should take if you are involved in a car accident, please read on, then contact an experienced New York City car accident lawyer today. Some things to photograph after a collision include:

All vehicles involved

You should take photographs of all cars involved in the accident, even if one of the vehicles does not appear to have sustained any property damage. The photographs will help identify the cars involved using the license plates, makes, models and colors. Even so, you should take special care to document all property damage. If doing so does not jeopardize your safety, take photographs before anyone moves the cars. These pictures should include close-up and distance shots, proving:

  • Location of impact
  • Force of collision
  • Speed of travel
  • Direction of movement

Do not forget to photograph the front windshield of the other drivers’ cars, because they may have had something hanging from the rearview mirror that obstructed their view of the roadway.

Accident scene

You should take photos of the road, weather conditions, traffic signals, traffic signs and the general layout of the road. Pay close attention to tire skid marks, broken glass or other things left on the pavement. Since visibility is crucial to determining fault, look for large objects that may have obstructed the drivers’ view of the road. If the other parties dispute the color of the traffic light at the time of the incident, make a video showing the timing of the lights at the intersections for all directions of travel.

Physical injuries

Since your injuries will slowly heal over time, you need to photograph them immediately after an accident. These photos will help others understand your physical condition following the crash. Afterward, your medical provider may prescribe a device like an arm sling, cervical collar or walker. Record these devices and, if possible, store them in a safe place even after you no longer need them because a judge or jury may wish to see them.

Some important tips

When recording the evidence described above, you should make sure that you have set your digital camera or cellphone so that the date and, preferably, time appear in the photograph itself. If asked later on, this will help you prove when you took the picture. This may seem excessive, but you may also want to back up your digital photographs by:

  • Saving them to a second hard drive
  • Copying them to a thumb drive
  • Burning a copy onto a CD or DVD, and/or
  • Printing out the photographs

These steps circumvent any electronic malfunctions.

Our New York City auto accident lawyer can answer any further questions.

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