Slip and Fall on Rental Property

Were you injured in a slip and fall on rental property? Watch this video to learn about your rights and how to ensure they are protected.


I fell on my neighbor’s steps. She lives in a rental property in New York. Who pays my bills?


Slip and Fall on Rental Property We’re often asked in slip and fall cases, “Who’s responsible for paying my medical bills?” In this particular case, it’s a situation where the question was, “I fell on the steps of my neighbor who was renting the house. Who’s responsible for paying my bills?” The answer is the owner of the property and/or the tenant, depending on exactly what it was that caused you to fall. This goes to the mechanism of the injury, the mechanism of the fall.

Was it a structural defect in the step? That’s the responsibility of the owner of the property. Was it what we call a transient defect— a slip on a banana peel or on some garbage that was put there by the tenant? We would prosecute a claim against both the neighbor/tenant and against the owner. You would hope the owner would have liability coverage on the house, and you would hope the tenant would have a tenant homeowner’s policy on the house.

Some of these policies have what they call MedPay, meaning it doesn’t matter whose fault it is, they’ll make sure the medical bills are paid up to a certain dollar amount — say, $5,000 or $10,000. Our suggestion is that you would give us a call and we would investigate. We would investigate as to who the owner is and notify them, asking that they provide their insurance company information. We would also prosecute a claim against the neighbor, the tenant, and ask that they provide us with their insurance information, and then we would move forward to get you the compensation for both the pain and suffering that you may be dealing with and the payment of your medical bills.

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