Slip and Fall Medical Bills

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If I am injured in a slip and fall accident in New York, who will pay my medical expenses?


Slip and Fall Medical Bills We very often get the question, “I was in an accident. I slipped and I fell, and I was seriously injured. I have hospital bills, medical bills, orthopedic surgeon bills, and they’re piling up. Who is going to pay those bills?” The answer is you want to go after and prosecute a claim against the property owner where you slipped and fell. If the slip and fall was caused by, let’s say, a defect in a sidewalk or some sort of debris or material that you slipped on, or it happened inside a building in a hallway where there was water or grease or wax that was not properly removed during cleaning, you would have a claim against those who are responsible for maintaining and controlling that sidewalk or hallway. It certainly would be wise to contact us, and we will prosecute a claim against those that are responsible.

Certainly, if you have health insurance, you may provide your health insurance policy information to get those initial bills paid. At the end of the day, however, the responsible party is the one that would be responsible for ensuring that those bills are paid.

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