Scaffolding Accident

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I was hurt in a scaffolding accident in New York, what are my rights?


Scaffolding Accident We very often get the question, “What are my rights if I’m hurt in a scaffold accident in New York City?” Typically, when we hear of a scaffold accident, it’s a situation where someone falls off a scaffold. Sometimes, it’s a situation where a piece of the scaffold itself comes crashing down. It all falls under what we call 240 of the Labor Law. If you’re employed by a company and you’re doing work on that scaffolding, your cause to fall will bring a workers’ compensation case against your employer. You can prosecute a lawsuit against your employer for pain and suffering, but there are very narrow exceptions that rule.

For the most part you can’t sue your employer, so you pursue a claim for workers’ compensation relevant to your employer. However, you very well might have a case against a general contractor and the owner of the property, should you fall off a scaffold, if you meet certain requirements that fall under 240 of the Labor Law. There are also other areas of law – 241 (6) of the Labor Law – which may come into play as well, depending. Yes, the answer is, you very well could have a claim against the owner and general contractor if you fall from a scaffold.

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