Multi Car Pile Up Accident

Have you been involved in a massive car wreck on the highway in New York? Watch this video about what to do after a multi car pile up accident.


I was involved in a 5-car accident on the highway in New York. How is that handled?


Multi Car Pile Up Accident We got a call the other day from a client who had just gotten into an accident. There were five cars involved, and the question was, “I just got into an accident involving five vehicles. How is this going to play out? How is this going to complicate any claim that I may have against the ones that caused the accident?” Our answer was it does make it a little more complicated, but as lawyers we’re in the position where we can iron it out and focus on who the party or parties was that caused the accident. Here’s a quick example.

There may be a situation where it’s a chain reaction collision. It may be that the first vehicle came to a stop, and then you came to a stop, and then you were struck from behind by a vehicle, and then the vehicle behind that vehicle struck the vehicle that was behind you, and now you have two impacts against your vehicle and it forced your vehicle into the vehicle in front of you. Do you have a claim against the vehicle that you came in contact with that was stopped in front of you? No, you wouldn’t. Would you have a claim against the other vehicles that were behind you? Yes, you would. This is where we would prosecute a claim against those vehicles. Sometimes there’s finger-pointing as to who struck who first, and very often that has to be ironed out through litigation. Sometimes it doesn’t, but very often it does have to be ironed out through litigation, meaning through the court process.

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