Motorcycle Accident Insurance Investigation

Were you involved in a motorcycle crash? Learn about the motorcycle accident insurance investigation and how to best protect your rights.

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Should I speak to the insurance company after a motorcycle accident?


The other day I got a phone call from a client who had gotten into an accident about a week earlier. He was on his motorcycle and he was going through an intersection, and the other vehicle hit his side. They went through a red light and struck him, and he had some significant injuries. When we were on the phone speaking, he told me, “I gave a statement to the insurance carrier.” I said, “Well, whose insurance carrier?” “Well, the guy that went through the red light.” And I said, “No! You don’t want to do that.”Motorcycle Accident Insurance InvestigationYou don’t want to do that because they have key questions that they’re going to ask you that can hurt your case. They’re trying to get the information from you before you have an attorney sit down with you to advise you. My advice is not to speak with the insurance carrier for the other side, but to sit down with an attorney and let the attorney do that work for you.

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