Construction Accidents

Construction accidents can often cause life changing injuries. Watch this video to learn how we can help you recover the compensation you deserve.

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What should I do if I’m injured in a construction accident?


In New York, there are very specific rules that apply to construction accidents. I had someone call me the other day who told me that her husband was on a scaffold, and the scaffold collapsed, and he suffered some very, very serious injuries. The question was, what could they do now? There are certain sections of the labor law where the owner of the building may be held responsible for the injuries sustained, even if the owner of the building did not control the work that was being done at the time of the accident.Construction AccidentsThere are also may be industrial code violations. If it’s proven that there is an industrial code violation, again, the owner of the building or the general contractor could be held responsible. Keep in mind it’s very important to understand that you can’t sue your employer. Your recourse relevant to your medical expenses and your lost wages would be to go through your employer for workers’ compensation coverage, and then you would need an attorney to handle, what we call, the third-party action, which would be the case against the owner, potentially, and any other contractors that may have been involved in the happening of the accident other than your employer.

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