Bus Accident Case Value

Were you injured in a bus crash? Watch this video to learn about bus accident case value and how much you may be able to recover for your injuries.

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How much is my bus accident case worth?


Clients often ask me, “What is my case worth?” For clients who I see for the first time, typically their accidents have just happened. There’s no easy answer because I don’t know all of the factors yet. An important factor is where the injury is going. It could be a broken arm. It could be a broken leg. It could be a neck or back injury. These things take time to go through a healing process. After that healing process, I need to know what the residual is. Is there permanency? If there’s a broken wrist, is that going to lead to some sort of degenerative change to the wrist? Is it going to lead to an arthritic change? Is it going to lead to a restriction of motion that could be permanent in nature. You’re not going to know that the week after the accident. That may take a year, if not longer, to know. That’s an important factor in determining value.Bus Accident Case ValueAnother important factor is how the accident happened. Whose fault was it? You may be the operator of a vehicle who was involved in an accident with a bus and the bus driver may be saying you went through a red light, and you’re saying no, I didn’t, I had a green light; you went through the red light, and it’s on the police report that both sides are saying they were in the right. Those issues have to be ironed out, and that could play into the value of the case.

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