Bicycle Accident Insurance Coverage

Are you wondering if your car insurance protects you after a bike accident? Watch this video to learn about bicycle accident insurance coverage.

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Does my auto insurance cover me if i’m involved in a bicycle accident?


If you’re here, chances are you were involved in an accident where you were riding a bicycle and you were struck by a motor vehicle. One of the questions that I’m often asked is, “Do I have a claim against my own insurance company?” This is a situation where I have clients who own motor vehicles and they want to know if they should pursue a claim with their insurance company. The answer is first, you want to put them on notice of the claim because, potentially, yes, but you would first want to pursue a claim against the driver who struck you. If that driver does not have any insurance coverage, then potentially, your insurance company will cover your loss and you want to make sure that a claim is submitted to your insurance company.Bicycle Accident Insurance CoverageWhat about a situation where the operator of the vehicle that hit you does have insurance on the vehicle, but it’s not enough to cover your injuries? It could be a situation where the policy is $25,000 – that’s the minimum policy for bodily injury – and your injuries are worth more than that; your injuries are worth, let’s say, $200,000. We would first prosecute a claim and get the most that we can get from the driver’s insurance policy that caused the accident, and then we would pursue a claim against your insurance company for what’s called supplemental underinsurance coverage. That’s assuming that your policy is more than $25,000.

If you have, let’s say, $100,000 insurance policy with what we call SUM protection, supplemental underinsured motorist protection, we would go after your insurance company for the difference. First, we go after the driver that caused the accident for the $25,000, and then we would go after your insurance company for $75,000.

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