Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice occurs when your doctor or dentist falls below an accepted standard of care, and either does something or fails to do something that he or she should have done or refrained from doing. These are just a few of the medical and dental malpractice cases we’ve handled: 

• Our client was a retired schoolteacher from Staten Island. She was admitted to the emergency room during a holiday weekend with left jaw pain, a common indicator of cardiac distress. Despite this, her heart catheterization was delayed until Monday. In the meantime she was connected to a heart monitor, but the monitor failed to work and our client suffered a heart attack.

After the hospital refused to agree to our settlement demand, we successfully argued that the hospital was negligent in both failing to conduct the heart catheterization immediately, and in failing to maintain its monitoring equipment. We settled the case during the trial and, what’s more, the hospital renovated its monitoring equipment and protocol so that nothing like this would ever happen again.    

• We represented a woman in her late 40’s from Brooklyn visiting Woodhull Hospital for a routine procedure under anesthesia. She was discharged shortly after the procedure despite still being weak and lightheaded. She fell unconscious shortly after arriving home and was transported back to the hospital by ambulance.

She died a few days later. We argued that the hospital committed malpractice by failing to properly consult with a cardiologist, and by failing to take proper precautions prior to discharge. We obtained a $500,000 settlement for her family.

• Our client was a man in his 30’s who went to the dentist for removal of an impacted tooth. The dentist inadvertently severed a major artery, and he nearly bled to death as his dentist referred him to an oral surgeon rather than immediately to a hospital.

We successfully argued that the procedure should have been performed in the first place by a trained oral surgeon, in a hospital setting, and with proper X-rays. We obtained a favorable settlement for our client before trial.

• We represented a patient who had been badly neglected at a long-term care facility after his family discovered multiple Stage 3 and Stage 4 bedsores. We obtained a settlement of $250,000 for our client relating to negligent causation and treatment of the bedsores.   


• Physical deformities• Erbs Palsy
• Bone deformities• Birth injuries and trauma
• Visual impairment• Wrongful birth
• Hearing impairment• Wrongful death
• Cerebral Palsy

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