Construction Accidents

Construction Accidents

Construction sites can be dangerous places. Construction law includes every type of accident that can occur on a construction site. New York has an entire body of law known as the Labor Law specifically for construction site accidents. These are just a few of the Construction Law cases we’ve handled:

• Our client was an electrician in his 40’s running cable above a drop ceiling when his ladder collapsed, fracturing his ankle in the fall. He endured intense pain and suffering, and his doctors were prepared to testify that he would continue to suffer in the future.

The defendant refused to make a meaningful settlement offer, so we fought. We took the position that the ladder was the functional equivalent of a scaffold under Labor Law 240(1), and that our client was entitled to summary judgment – the court agreed and we leveraged that decision to a $500,000 settlement for our client.  

• We represented a 34-year-old laborer from Queens who required surgery to repair his knee after a chimney had collapsed on him during demolition of a building in Manhattan.

We again were granted summary judgment and a violation of Labor Law 241(6), and again leveraged that victory to achieve a $450,000 settlement.

• Our client was a construction worker in his 50’s from Queens. He suffered a shoulder tear, neck and back injuries when a wood post fell from atop a scaffold.

We resolved the case on our client’s behalf for $200,000 during a conference with the Appellate Division.

• We represented a metal worker from Queens who fractured his finger when a metal subway grating was dropped on his hand by co-workers. We convinced the judge to deny defendant’s motion for summary judgment by highlighting numerous industrial code violations. The defendant relented during jury selection, and settled the case just before trial. 


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