Wrongful Death Truck Accidents

Did you experience a death in the family due to a truck crash in New York? Watch this video about wrongful death truck accidents and give our office a call.


Can I sue if a family member dies in a truck crash in New York?


Wrongful Death Truck Accidents We just got a question today, “Can I sue if a family member was killed in a trucking accident?” First, we always want to express our condolences to a family. The answer to the question, however, is, yes, you can prosecute a claim against the trucking company that caused the accident. You have two claims here; you have one of wrongful death, and you have one for what’s called conscious pain and suffering.

Our advice is that you contact an attorney immediately to discuss the with you. We would be happy to help you; just give us a call. We will certainly answer any questions that you may have. If your family member was killed because of the operator of a truck, you certainly have a claim against that trucking company.

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