Suing Your Employer for an Injury

Were you hurt on the job and have questions about suing your employer for an injury? Watch this video and call our New York Construction Accident Lawyer.


Can I sue my employer if I was injured in New York during a construction job?


Suing Your Employer for an Injury We always get the question, “Can I sue my employer? I was in a construction accident. I suffered a very serious injury. Can I go after my employer?” There are very limited scenarios where you can go after your employer. Under New York law, your only remedy against your employer is what they call workers’ compensation. That would be your claim against your employer. Workers’ compensation benefits are for economic loss; that would be lost wages and payment of medical expenses. If there are no other parties involved, that would be your recourse.

When we are on the phone with a possible client, we will ask some more questions about what they were doing, where this happened, and find that there are other possible third parties or defendants other than the employer to go after for pain and suffering. Because of the nature of what happened, you may have a claim against the owner or general contractor, for example. While you cannot sue your employer, it may be a good idea to talk to an attorney and explain what happened, and you may be surprised.

Have you been seriously injured on a construction site and have questions about suing your employer for an injury? Contact experienced New York Construction Accident Lawyer at the Law Offices of Brian J. Elbaum today for a legal consultation to learn what your case is worth.

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