Slip and Fall and Insurance Companies

Injured from a slip and fall and getting calls from the insurance company? Watch this video to learn how to handle a slip and fall and insurance companies.


After a slip and fall, is it a good idea to talk to insurance companies in New York?


Slip and Fall and Insurance Companies We just met with a new client about three days ago, and she went through her fact pattern of what happened in her case. She slipped and she fell, and the owner of the adjacent property saw that she slipped and fell. The owner did the right thing and notified his insurance carrier. We got a call from her, literally a few hours after she left our office, to tell us that she had gotten a call from the owner’s insurance company and they wanted to take a recorded statement. We told her, as we do all of our clients, “If you receive a phone call from an insurance company, you direct them to our office and we’ll deal with them; we’ll communicate with them.” We would not want a client to get on the phone with the insurance company, especially for a recorded statement, without counsel being there.

There are certain limited circumstances where we will allow or agree to a recorded statement in a slip and fall case, obviously with an attorney there to protect the client’s rights. There is no obligation that a client or an injured party who slips and falls submit to a recorded statement. There are limited situations where it is an obligation, and that would be if it’s regarding a municipality. If you slip and fall on municipal property, then there’s a whole set of rules that you have to follow; there’s a notice of claim, and then there’s what they call a 50-h hearing. What you should do is call an attorney right away who will guide you through the process and all of these issues.

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