Personal Injury Medical Bills

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Who pays my medical bills after a personal injury in New York?


Personal Injury Medical Bills Clients often call and tell us, “I just had an accident. Who’s going to pay my medical bills?” It depends. It depends on the type of accident that you’re in. If it’s an automobile accident, the host vehicle, the vehicle that you were in should provide you with what they call no-fault benefits, which is up to $50,000. They would be the primary place where the medical provider will go to get their compensation for your treatment.

If it’s a construction accident, where you were in the course of employment, you may have a case against a third party, but your employer will have what’s called workers’ compensation coverage to cover your medical bills. If it’s a slip and fall, frankly it may go initially to your own health policy, your own health coverage. If you don’t have coverage, there are other avenues or other ways to get you those medical bills paid. I would recommend that you seek an attorney to discuss these issues with you.

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