Personal Injury Insurance Investigation

Were you injured due to another’s negligence? Watch this video to learn about a personal injury insurance investigation and why you shouldn’t give a statement.


Should I speak to the insurance company and give a recorded statement after an accident?


Personal Injury Insurance Investigation Clients often call and say, “The insurance company just called. Should I talk to an insurance company after I’m involved in an accident?” The answer is you should seek counsel first. First, speak with an attorney. An attorney will know exactly what to say to the insurance company. The attorney will know exactly what issues are going to come up and will be in a better position to discuss those issues with the insurance carrier.

The insurance carrier is there to protect the insurance carrier’s assets. While they may have an obligation to you as maybe the insured, they’re always going to be looking to protect their assets. The wiser thing to do is to have an attorney get involved and make that first connection with the insurance company.

Have you or a loved one been injured because of someone else and have questions about personal injury insurance investigation? Contact experienced New York Personal Injury Lawyer at the Law Offices of Brian J. Elbaum today for a legal consultation to learn what your case is worth.

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