Partial Fault Pedestrian Accident

Were you involved in a partial fault pedestrian accident? Even if the accident was partly your fault, you can still recover compensation. Learn more.

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Can I be partially at fault in a pedestrian accident?


I had a client call me the other day and say to me, “I was walking across the street and I was struck by a motor vehicle.” I asked her, “Where were you walking?” “I was walking in the middle of the road.” I asked her, “Were there any traffic signal devices?” “Yes, there were, and the traffic signal device said that the vehicle that struck me had a green light, and I didn’t see the vehicle.”Partial Fault Pedestrian AccidentThe question that she had was, “Do I have a case?” The answer is potentially. It depends on where the accident occurred. It depends on the type of roadway that it was. Was it a residential roadway? Was it a roadway where you’re not supposed to be driving more than 25 miles an hour? Are we able to show that that vehicle was traveling at 45 or 50 miles an hour? Will there be culpable conduct on your part? Potentially, there will. Will that affect the value? Yes, it could. If you’re partially at fault, that will come into play in resolving the case.

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