Is a New York Hospital Responsible for Causing a Brain Injury?

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It might surprise you how shockingly common it is to suffer a brain injury from a catastrophic accident or a traumatic blow. That said, many people fail to realize that medical negligence in New York hospitals can also lead to these debilitating brain injuries and, in many instances, horrific damages. If you or a loved one has sustained a brain injury due to negligence at a hospital or other medical facility, please keep reading, then contact an experienced New York City medical malpractice lawyer as soon as possible.

How might a patient suffer a brain injury at a hospital in New York?

Brain injuries in a hospital setting often stem from oxygen deprivation. Symptoms range from headaches to short-term memory loss to personality disorder. Frequently permanent, these symptoms may worsen depending on the level of damage to the brain. Medical errors that commonly lead to significant brain injuries include:

  • Procedure complications
  • Anesthesia
  • Excessive bleeding that leads to oxygen deprivation
  • Trauma
  • Medication errors
  • Mistakes resulting from surgery
  • Trachea compression
  • Failure to treat hypertension
  • Failing to diagnose a patient’s heart attack or stroke in a timely manner
  • Not properly intubating the patient during surgery
  • Failing to diagnose or treat a brain bleed
  • Improperly using forceps or a vacuum extractor during a child’s birth

What are the effects of brain damage sustained in a hospital setting?

Every patient’s symptoms will manifest in different ways, making it difficult to determine what effects one may feel in the wake of a brain injury. Nonetheless, individuals that suffer a brain injury typically experience the following symptoms:

  • Emotional issues
  • Behavioral issues
  • Memory loss
  • Impairment of particular cognitive abilities
  • Impairment of physical capabilities
  • Muscle spasms
  • Seizures
  • Significant headaches
  • Mood swings
  • Depression
  • Bad judgment
  • Diminished capacity with concentration

In light of these symptoms, the victims of brain injuries may have many external effects that can often negatively impact the patient’s livelihood, daily routine, relationships and even their role in society. While these effects may be short-term or long-term, many patients do not have the possibility of a full recovery. As such, victims of these brain injuries may require ongoing or lifelong treatments, care and supervision.

Can you sue a New York hospital directly for a brain injury?

Suing a New York hospital for a brain injury may become complicated due to how it classifies those who work within its walls. Generally, you can’t hold a hospital accountable for a contractor or employee’s negligence unless the hospital fails to:

  • Uphold their duty to provide their patients with reasonable care in terms of the overall safety and maintenance of their equipment and facility
  • Verify and oversee the general qualifications of their physicians and nurses who committed the negligent act
  • Make sure they carry out their duty to formulate, enforce and adopt specific policies that can ensure every patient’s quality of care
  • Ensure the healthcare professionals working within the hospital provide quality patient care

Speak with a New York City personal injury attorney if you have any further questions.

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