Faulty Handrail Injury

Did you or a loved one suffer a faulty handrail injury? You may be able to recover compensation. Watch this video to learn about your rights.

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Do I have a claim if I fell because of a faulty handrail?


I had a client come to me the other day and told me that they suffered an injury walking down a flight of steps while going into the basement of a property that they were renting, and the steps did not have handrails. He was walking down, he lost his balance, and he literally fell over the side of the stairs onto the concrete below and he suffered a broken leg.Faulty Handrail Injury CasesThe first thing we needed to do is take measurements photographs of the stairs. The first thing that you need to do is retain competent council to guide you through the process, to make sure a proper investigation is done, to ensure that we have the evidence that’s needed to pursue the highest possible recovery for you down the road.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured from a trip and have questions about a faulty handrail injury? Contact a New York slip and fall lawyer at The Law Offices of Brian J. Elbaum today for a free confidential consultation and case evaluation. Let our experience work for you.

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