Do I Need a Car Accident Attorney?

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I was in a car accident in New York and have been told I should get a lawyer, but I have car insurance. Will my car insurance cover my needs after an accident?


Do I Need a Car Accident Attorney? We had a client call the other day and tell us they were in an accident and they were wondering, “Well, do I need to hire a lawyer to go after the one that caused the accident? I do have insurance on my vehicle.” The answer is, yes, you do need a lawyer, because your insurance carrier is not going to prosecute a claim for bodily injury against the other driver or drivers who may have caused the accident. Your insurance company may subrogate to get paid back for the property damage, if you have a comprehensive collision policy. They may pay you minus the usual deductible, if you have one, and then they’ll go after the insurance company for the vehicle or vehicles that caused the accident, but that would be the extent of their prosecution. You certainly would need to hire an attorney to prosecute a claim against the other vehicle or vehicles who may have caused the accident.

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