Construction Defect Liability

Were you or a loved one hurt on a construction site in New York? Watch this video to learn more about construction defect liability, then call our office.


My son was injured at the construction site down the street because it was not fenced in properly. Who is responsible and can we start a lawsuit?


Construction Defect Liability I got a call the other day from an old client who called me about his son. His son was walking down the street and he suffered a serious injury when a piece of equipment from a construction site came off the site, bounced, and hit him in the head. The issue was that there was no fencing. In New York, there is required to be fencing around the construction site to prevent equipment and whatever they may be doing inside the construction site from affecting and causing injury to a pedestrian who might be walking along that sidewalk. The very quick answer was, yes, there is definitely a claim against the contractors who were involved in the construction, as well as a claim against the owner of the property, and there may be a claim against others who may have somehow been involved in the construction that was going on.

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