Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Commercial vehicle accidents can cause life changing injuries. Watch this video to find out how we can protect your rights, and get you the full compensation.

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What should I do after a commercial vehicle accident?


I got a call the other day from a client who told me that he was involved in a truck accident. He wanted to know what he should do. The first thing I told him to do was hang up the phone and call 911. He was at the accident scene at the time. The first thing you want to do is call 911. You want to get the police there as soon as possible and you want to get an ambulance there as soon as possible to take care of those who are injured. He called me because he was injured.Commercial Vehicle AccidentsSecond thing you want to do is make sure you give a proper statement; your statement as to what you saw happen at the accident scene so that the police can document that on the police report. You want to make sure that you tell the police officer at the scene and the ambulance personnel at the scene what your injuries are; that’s very important. A lot of times, clients are feeling pain, but they don’t say anything at the time. They wait until the next day or two days later to seek medical attention or to notify that they were injured. You want to do it at the scene of the accident.

If you’re able to take photographs, if you’re well enough to do that, take photographs. If you have somebody with you who is not injured, see if they can take pictures of the accident scene; that’s also very important. Of course, after he called 911, he got back on the phone with me so that I could guide him through the process which is important. You need to call an attorney as early on so that attorney can guide you through the process. You should make sure that the attorney you’re calling is a personal injury attorney.

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