Choosing a Bicycle Accident Attorney

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How do I choose the best attorney for my bicycle accident claim?


If you’re here, chances are you were in an accident where you were riding your bicycle and you were struck by a motor vehicle in New York. Two of the questions that you probably have is, “Who do I pick as my attorney? How do I know that my attorney’s going to represent my interests?” You want to make sure that attorney has experience in personal injury litigation. You want to make sure that attorney has handled bicycle cases, cases where individuals were riding their bicycle and struck by motor vehicles. You want to make sure that you’re comfortable with that attorney. You should meet with the attorney and interview that. You ask the attorney questions. If you feel comfortable with that attorney, then you can take further steps.Choosing a Bicycle Accident AttorneyYou also want to look at the firm itself. Is it a big firm? Is it a medium-sized firm? Sometimes firms are so big and so busy that the client never speaks with the attorney. The client is assigned a paralegal or a legal assistant to represent him or her. You want to make sure that whoever you go with, you have access to that attorney, that if you need to speak directly with the attorney, that you’ll be able to speak directly with your attorney.

Finally – and this goes to experience – it’s not a good idea to retain an attorney that, let’s say, handles divorce litigation or estate planning. You want to make sure that attorney is an attorney who specifically handles personal injury litigation.

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