Bus Accident Statute of Limitations

When you’re injured on a bus, there is a strict timeline to file your claim before it’s too late. Watch this video to learn about bus accident statute of limitations. 

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How long do I have to file a bus accident claim?


If you’re here, chances are you were involved in an accident while on a bus. If you suffered an injury, I’m sorry to hear that and I hope you’re getting the medical attention that you need. People often ask me when they can file a claim and who they file the claim with. The answer can be complicated. It depends on who the bus company is. Are they a city-run company, like the transit authority, New York City Transit Authority, or are they privately owned?Bus Accident Statute of LimitationsIf it’s the city, you need to file a notice of claim as quickly as possible, but it must be done within a 90-day period. When I say the city, I’m talking about the New York City Transit Authority type of a case. If it’s a privately owned bus company, then you have a longer period. You also have to be aware that there are other guidelines. There are no fault benefits that you might be entitled to, and you want to make sure that you get a no fault application to the proper party. No fault covers you for your economic loss, your medical expenses, and your lost wages.

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